Thursday, 26 January 2012

The Beginnig

Yay. More blogs.

This is now the home of my fourth year film, so come by and visit it once in a while. It gets lonely.

And now, a short synopsis, since no one really knows about it:

A young woman walks into a fancy hotel/ apartment building, and heads straight for the elevator. She reaches the top floor ( a penthouse-type place) where there is an old creepy man waiting. They get intimate. She slyly pulls out a gun, and shoots him in the head. Unperturbed, she steals all his money and leaves. The next morning she wakes up, scared and shocked by the blood; she remembers nothing from the night before. She rushes to the bathroom mirror. On the counter is an envelope. She opens it and inside is a photo of a man, with a name and a pill. She takes the pill and looks in the mirror again. This time her eyes are red.


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